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Garage Door Repair

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A seemingly regular day takes an unexpected turn when all of a sudden your existing garage doors refuses to close behind you. Stuck in a state of confusion and frustration, you continue to click your remote and hop out of your car to try and see what's causing it not to respond. Leaving it open is out of the question for safety reasons, and now you’re stuck until professional help arrives.

Why Is My Garage Door Not Working?

Homeowners may find themselves in need of wood garage doors repairs for many reasons, including: 

For many homeowners, navigating a complex system of parts under high tension is beyond their experience. Fortunately, Trusty Garage Doors can provide expert and safe repair services for repairing garage door systems. Our friendly technicians understand the potential risks associated with a system under tension, so they inspect every inch of yours - from pulleys and springs to cables, tracking, rollers, and hinges. We will also check automated external controls should your system require them with economical garage door repair cost. 

Working Garage Doors Provide Safety and Security

At Trusty Garage Doors, we understand the importance of safety for you and your family. Unfortunately, wear and tear over time can take a toll on even the sturdiest new garage door. If yours is sagging or making strange noises during its operation; if it seems to be closing more slowly than usual; or worse yet–it's not opening or closing at all–you may need to make a call to one of our experienced technicians today!

Our 20-Point Inspection

Need a garage overhead door track repair, inspection, or just routine maintenance? Our team of experts is on the job! We bring knowledge and experience to every service call, equipping our vehicles with all necessary parts so we can offer same day service. And if it’s an emergency situation, know that you can count on us 24/7 for fast response times!

Take the hassle out of garage door repairs and book a service call today with Trusty Garage Doors. Our garage door repair professionals will inspect and evaluate your system, providing you with an estimate without any charge or obligation. Rest assured that when we're finished, you’ll have what you need to make informed decisions about your home's safety and security.

We handle Garage Door Repair in your area

Need help with a malfunctioning garage door? Our team of experts offers repairs in North DFW, from Richardson to South Lake and Prosper all the way up to N. Dallas along 635! Not located in that area? No worries – we may still be able to assist you with garage door service: simply give us a call at 469-793-0048 for more information about our emergency garage repair near me services.

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Preventing Broken Springs

At Trusty Garage Doors, we understand that a reliable garage door is essential for every home, and we’d be happy to help keep your garage door running smoothly. It's important to conduct regular maintenance on its components – especially the torsion springs! Our high-quality steel springs are designed with longevity in mind; however, if you're looking for garage door repair near me with an extra level of convenience, we recommend signing up for our annual lube & tune service. Rest assured that all of the moving parts will be well-lubricated throughout the year during the temperature changes, and you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself. 

Repairing Broken Springs

When you're dealing with broken spring, we recommend avoiding DIY repairs and letting the professionals handle it. Our expert technicians will provide an in-depth 20-point inspection to diagnose the issue correctly. Get in touch with Trusty Garage Doors today for a longer-lasting result.

Should I Replace One or Two Garage Door Springs?

Understanding the technicalities of a garage door spring installation can be difficult. Trusty’s technicians recommend replacing both springs if one happens to fail because it requires an equal amount of labor and eliminates potentially dangerous procedures when mixing an old with a new spring. Furthermore, using two matching springs reduces the likelihood of putting pressure on either individual component for optimal functionality down the line.

The Garage Door Center Bearing

Many homeowners have plastic bearings in their homes without knowing the implications this may have on the longevity of their springs. As professionals, we know that quality is key. That's why we often recommend our customers consider steel ball-bearing center bearings – they're affordable and effective solutions that guarantee smooth transitions for years!

After Repair, How Long Should My Springs Last?

With consistent and proper maintenance, the springs and motor generally provide 5-10 years of reliable service. However, it's easy to forget about our garage doors until an issue arises – usually when another component has already broken down. On average we see signs that parts need repair or replacing at 2-5 years – garage noises being a common indicator. Trusty Garage Doors provides repairs you can count on. Call us today at 469-793-0048.

What are your garage door needs?

Call us today and we will stop by to provide you with expertise and service you can trust so you never have to worry about your garage door again.

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