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Garage Door Repair and Installations by Trusty Garage Doors in Dallas Forth Worth Area

#1 Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair the right way

You don't expect to need your garage door repaired. It’s just like any other day. You’re leaving your home, backing out of your garage, clicking your garage door remote, and…nothing. Your trusty garage door is not closing. You’re continuing to click, or getting out of your car to see if something is blocking the sensor, but it’s not moving. A monkey wrench has just been thrown into your day.

Why is My Garage Door Not Working?

There are many reasons why homeowners are in need of Garage Door Repairs. Some of them include:

In all garage door systems, the garage doors are under extreme spring tension. Most homeowners are not familiar enough with all the moving parts and all parts under spring tension to avoid the risk of injury. Call Trusty Garage Doors for expert help in Garage Door Repair. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will inspect your entire system, including the pulleys, Garage Door Springs, cables, tracking, door rollers, hinges, motor, and external controls (if it is an automated system).


fixing a garage door

Working Garage Door for Safety and Security

Garage doors are built to last for many years. However, wear and tear can take a toll over time. You and your family’s safety is important. If you notice that your garage door is sagging, seems to be unusually loud, is closing more slowly than it should, or is not opening or closing at all, then it is time for a service call from Trusty Garage Doors.

Garage Door 20 point Inspection

We will perform a safety inspection on all of the working parts of your garage door system and determine the problem. Our team is knowledgeable regarding all types of garage door repairs and our service vehicles are fully stocked so that we can handle most repairs on the same day! We offer same-day and emergency garage door repairs and inspections including garage door tension springs.

Schedule a service call with us today and rest assured that your garage door system will be inspected and repaired as needed. Our staff performs a thorough examination of your equipment and will provide you with a repair estimate at no charge or obligation from you.

We handle Garage Door Repair in your area

We offer garage door repairs in Most of north DFW ranging from Richardson to South Lake and from Prosper to N. Dallas along 635. If you have an emergency and you are outside of our normal repair zone, we likely make the trip to help you get your garage door working. Please call us at 469-793-0048.

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Garage Door Repair in Action
Garage Door Spring to be Installed

Broken Springs

Why did my Garage Door Spring Break? How to repair?

In most cases, the Garage Door Spring breaks due to wear and tear and old age. Springs have different life cycles, Ours are made of high quality steel. We recommend for our customers to keep their springs lubricated as it aid with temperature changes, Maybe at least 2-3 times a year, you could also call Trusty Garage Doors to preform a lube and tune up maintenance for you. You could also sign up to get this done annually and forget about worrying about keeping the metal moving parts lubricated, We are here to help and service your Garage Door needs.

What will it take to Repair My Garage Door Broken Springs?

Our first recommendation is to avoid DIY in the case of spring issues. Do not utilize your Garage Door Motor with a Broken Spring. This may damage your motor! Call the trusted and reliable professionals to diagnose the issue.  A full 20 point inspection of the door will the sure the problem is handled correctly so we don't have to come back.

Should I replace one or two Garage Door Springs?

That is a very common question we have, this is how we answer. You may choose to change one or two but the amount of labor it takes to install one is the same as it is two. So if the other happens to break down the line. The tech will have to deconstruct the spring system unwind the new one and unwind the older spring(very dangerous) and also rewind it. The other issues is that with one new spring and and old one it may put extra pressure on the new spring.

Garage Door Center Bearing

Most consumers Are not aware of the bearing in between the springs, that is because as a veteran tech you find more often than not the homeowner has been left with a plastic bearing in their homes. There fore it is also an option we bring to our customers attention. We recommend Steel ball bearing Center bearing. It is affordable. Cost effective and ensures the springs have an easy transition every time for years to come


After my Garage Door Repair, How long should my springs last?

on average the Springs and Motor will last the longest on a garage door, generally you could see 5-10 years of use without any issues if maintained properly and lubricated. Most of the time though we don't think about the garage doors until we need a repair, usually by then its too late and other parts have failed!

The rollers and pulleys typically start making noise and rattling around 2-5 years..

This is just based on what we have seen in the field..

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What are your garage door needs?

Call us today and we will stop by to provide you with expertise and service you can trust so you never have to worry about your garage door again.

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