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Trusty Garage Doors is a local garage door repair company in northern Texas. We are a family owned garage door service company you can trust.

No matter which part is broken, our technicians get the necessary replacement and usually make the repair the same day.

Your dependable garage doors service team offers you a complete garage door repair solution, no matter what the issue is. We take great pride in supporting our customers by providing affordable and reliable service and parts. We value the long-term relationship we build with our customers.

We take care of garage door repairs right away. Our technicians are committed to using top-quality tools and parts so you can have long-lasting repairs.

Wondering garage door repair near me? look no further.

  • We offer Emergency Service  for Garage Door Off Track or Broken Garage door Springs
  • Same Day Service Available during weekends if car is stuck in garage!
  • Our Garage door Service techs are Highly Trained
  • Work Guaranteed in Writing and Invoice provided on site
  • 30 Minute Call Ahead for your Garage Door Appointments
  • Loud door or Noise solutions such as A complete garage door lubrication and tune up

Contact us for all your garage door repair needs !

Does your garage door need repair?

Call us today and we will stop by to provide you with expertise and service you can trust so you’ll never worry about your garage doors in northern Texas again.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves in taking care of garage door repairs right away. Our technicians are committed to using top quality tools and parts for long-lasting repairs.

When is it time to Get garage door service

How long for Garage Door Parts

The largest parts on your Garage door will typically  last anywhere from 5-15 years . This includes your garage door springs and the door itself and  Motor

The garage door hardware has an average life shelf of about 3-8 years

The rollers , weather stripping and such can go bad every 2-4 years. this is just my opinion from my experience, take it with a grain of salt.

In reality we assume the garage door does not need much attention or parts replacement, but it really does.

There are so many moving parts on the garage that age with time and heat that maintenance and upkeep is necessary to keep our garage door in working order

here is what you will notice when parts are aged and no longer sustainable

Rollers/ not spinning with the door helping it go up or down/ made of metal and causing a lot of noise and friction/ bent rollers or short rollers. risk of the door coming out of its track

Springs/ Rusted or a super heavy door, this will cause them to put more wear and tear on the motor as they can no longer lift the door due to tension issues




What is the best way to maintain my Garage Door?

What is the best way to maintain my Garage Door?


It is Recommended that you Lubricate all Moving parts of a Garage Door 3-5 times a year. The springs break due to intense temperature changes as well as rust, Of course you can call Trusty Garage Doors and we can help you schedule this ahead of time to avoid costly repairs.

You want to ensure you are getting your garage door service often to avoid major repairs and get ahead of your garage door problems. Common issues like broken cables or garage door springs are one of the major expenses when it comes to costly repairs

Ensuring your door is not heady and the springs are doing their job correctly is a great way to also avoid putting strain on the garage door motor


What do I do if my door is off track?

Your Garage Door is Off track? What are your options?


The situation can go from bad to worse very quickly when your garage door is off its track, we strongly advise you to call a trusted pro(Trusty Garage Doors) quickly so you can potentially avoid having to purchase a new door! In some instances a garage door repair can help you salvage the door before replacement is needed.

Please ensure you do not touch or cut the cables or use the door while it is off track as this only further increases the risk of injury and hazard.

Some doors are still salvageable when they are off track which is why it is important to call as soon as you notice an issue

How long does it take to install a door?

Garage Door Installation Time?

Door installation time can vary from different size to depth of installation

Approximately 2-4 hours for an average door installation on a day of your choosing.

It is very important to ensure the correct measurements to avoid any delays in installation process.

Garage Doors that are more custom and custom colors have longer wait times than usual and are referred to as “custom doors”

The garage door comes with all hardware needed for install/ The garage door motor is a separate item that will need to be purchase

If you have an existing motor we can connect it to your new door and test it to save you money.




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