Garage Door Off track

A garage door off track is one of the more common issues we run into as a Garage Door Repair company... We will go over some of the ways to avoid a garage door track and what to do if you experience this issue!

In order for your garage door to open and close without issue, the tracks must be aligned properly. Bent or misaligned tracks may make it impossible for you to open your door, which means that you may not be able to get your car out of the garage until the door has been repaired. In order to avoid these problems, regular maintenance is recommended. You should also understand various causes of bent and misaligned garage door tracks, this results in a Garage Door Off Track

Causes of Misaligned Tracks

The most common cause of misaligned garage door tracks is old age. Even if your door was initially paired with premium tracks, these tracks will still become worn and damaged over time. To safeguard against these issues, it’s important that the tracks are maintained on a regular basis. Without this maintenance, rust will build up in the area, which may eventually create alignment issues with your garage door.

The presence of condensation or a leak in your door or roof could also cause rain to reach the tracks. Over time, these substances will corrode the metallic tracks, which could cause them to become bent or misaligned. It’s also possible that this issue has been brought about by broken cables in your door. If one of the garage door cables breaks, a portion of the door won’t be properly supported, which will cause the track to become bent if not repaired immediately.

It is worthwhile to run your garage door opener once every so often so you can see how the garage door rollers are sitting in the track as it runs. If you notice spots where the rollers are raised from the track and not sitting as they should be, you will want to investigate what is causing the misalignment.

If the garage door roller isn’t properly lubricated, one or more of the rollers may be unable to move. The tension that occurs when the rollers attempt to move will likely damage the door cables and bend the tracks. If you find that your garage door tracks have become bent or misaligned, you should call Trusty Garage Door for the repair.

How to ensure my door is aligned to avoid a garage door off track?

Garage doors are naturally pretty loud when they open and close, especially older models. However, if you notice a difference in sound such as a rubbing or grinding noise, especially in one spot, that is a good sign that the track is misaligned. Make a note of the spot in which the rubbing noise occurs. If you can’t immediately spot an issue, please call us.

Any new noises a garage door system is making are never a sign of anything good happening! Similar to hearing a rubbing noise, if you notice that your garage door slows down in certain spots, this can also be a sign of misalignment. With this issue, you should also make a note to have the areas checked out.

What Causes a Door Off Track?

It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes you can actually look at a rail and spot a misalignment, especially if the problem has existed for some time. With misalignment of garage doors, this means that the weight of the door actually has the ability to bend the rail. This only happens when misalignment has gone unnoticed for a long time and it can be expensive to fix, so you want to spot it before it gets to this point.

Is your diy garage door repair any of these issues? The issue may involve one little component on the door or a number of components on the door, but either way, being unable to use your garage door is an inconvenience. In some cases, you may be able to fix garage door misalignment yourself. However, it is worth contacting Trusty Garage Doors immediately so that the problem doesn't get worse.

If you have spotted signs of misalignment and want the issue fixed before it gets more expensive to correct, contact us today. A professional technician should perform a full diagnostic on the door and all its components. This kind of garage door problem can be very costly or may turn out to be a small adjustment with little expense.

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