We Fix Broken Garage Hardware

It takes a lot of hardware to make a garage door function properly and it is easy to take all those pieces for granted until you have a problem. If you have a broken garage door, it is likely one of these issues is the culprit. At Trusty Garage Doors, we repair garage door hardware, here is our list of items that we fix the most often.

Broken Garage  Hardware - Hinges

The hinges hold each panel together. Hinges age and degrade with use and the progression of time. Sometimes the hinges get hairline cracks, which cause them to bend and lose their structural integrity to hold both panels straight together. As the crack grows, the panel loses its strength to stay straight and starts buckling.  You will notice the door will struggle to close and open and will hear a buckling sound when the door arrives at the point of structural loss. If this is not addressed, the panel will not be opening and closing correctly, which aids in tearing the panels. This is a costly repair.

Why Broken Hardware can be Dangerous...Garage Door Cables

The cables hold all the weight of the garage door opener. Over time, the cables will degrade. Problems with the garage door cables are often missed by homeowners until one fails and the door is left in shambles. It is important to keep a close eye on your garage door torsion springs cables or the resulting damage may be more expensive than simply replacing a cable.

Garage Door Seals

The seal under the door helps protect your garage and its items from the elements outside. It is not unusual for the garage door seal to degrade with age. Most of the time, the seal can be replaced without extensive cost. Some seals are universal and fit most doors and they typically come in gray and black.

Broken Garage Hardware Garage Door End Bearing

This is another item missed by most homeowners. The end bearings hold the cylinder that turns as the door opens. As these bearings age, they lose functionality and will need replacement. They have generally sealed bearings with lubricant but as they degrade, they make noise and do not help the door as it goes up and down. The springs are held onto a long rod overhead of the door. This rod spins in the end bearings on each side daily. You will often hear whistling or other loud noises. If the problem is ignored, it will result in friction on the rod, in turn putting more pressure on the springs. If the springs break, you are looking  at a much more expensive repair.

Broken hardware prevention by lubrication

All of the hardware on the garage door requires lubrication. When there are temperature changes, this causes the metal to expand and break. It is suggested that you or a pro lubricate the garage door at least three times per year. You can have Trusty Garage Door do this and get a discounted price when subscribing or you can acquire garage door lubricant and do this yourself.

Broken Broken Garage HardwareGarage Hardware Garage Door Tracks

Sometimes homes shift on their foundation over time. This can cause the door tracks to come out of alignment. The tracks on the garage door springs are adjustable but sensitive. It takes time to adjust and test the tracks without damaging the door. A track adjustment could also be the solution to door issues such as rubbing or scraping. The tracks are designed to have some wiggle room with the rollers to allow shifts in the door as it settles into its opening and closing position.

broken Garage Hardware-Reinforcement

Most doors have a reinforcement strut that goes across the entirety of the door. This is usually located at the top panel. Most doors have one. In parts of the country where winds are higher, there might be more struts. If the strut is broken, then the door will not have the reinforcement it needs. This will cause the opening and closing of the door to put more pressure on the top panel and will cause damage to the panel.

broken Garage Hardware ware such as Rollers

Most home builds come with plastic rollers that are short and do not aid the movement of the door. We suggest longer rollers. In the event of an emergency, even if the door goes off track, it can never fully come out of its place. The bearing in the rollers aids in smooth transitions and the nylon aids in noise reduction. It is a small upgrade to your garage door parts that will have it functioning optimally and help prevent damage.

Many times, doors can be saved even if they are very old by maintaining and changing hardware to ensure the door does not get damaged. The hinges on a door are key to maintaining the health of the panels. If you see cracks on the hinges, then they are starting to bend out of shape. Hinges, rollers, and cables are key items to change to ensure a properly functioning door and avoid future expenses such as the replacement of the entire door plus the hardware.

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