here is the installation process!

This product is intended for installation only by trained garage door technicians. This product may
require adjustments to door springs and/or track configurations. This product is not intended for
use on low headroom tracks with outside pickup drum or garage doors utilizing extension springs


To avoid installation difficulties, do not run the garage door garage door opener until
instructed to do so.
The garage door opener can be installed on either side of the door (see Planning section
page 3). The illustrations shown are for installation on the left side.
1. Loosen the set screws.
2. Attach collar to the garage door opener motor shaft. The side of the collar with the
larger hole should be placed on the motor shaft. Ensure that the collar is seated all
the way on motor shaft until stop is reached.
3. Position the collar so the screws are facing out and are accessible when attached to
the torsion bar.
4. Securely tighten the 2 square head set screws closest to the motor shaft by turning
the screws 1/4 – 1/2 turn after making contact with the motor shaft.
Attach the Collar to the Garage Door Opener


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