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How long for Garage Door Parts

The largest parts on your Garage door will typically  last anywhere from 5-15 years . This includes your garage door springs and the door itself and  Motor

The garage door hardware has an average life shelf of about 3-8 years

The rollers , weather stripping and such can go bad every 2-4 years. this is just my opinion from my experience, take it with a grain of salt.

In reality we assume the garage door does not need much attention or parts replacement, but it really does.

There are so many moving parts on the garage that age with time and heat that maintenance and upkeep is necessary to keep our garage door in working order

here is what you will notice when parts are aged and no longer sustainable

Rollers/ not spinning with the door helping it go up or down/ made of metal and causing a lot of noise and friction/ bent rollers or short rollers. risk of the door coming out of its track

Springs/ Rusted or a super heavy door, this will cause them to put more wear and tear on the motor as they can no longer lift the door due to tension issues




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