Garage Door Remotes

One of the biggest complaints from customers is the Garage Door remote working intermittently. We have found that when a motor deteriorates, the electronic parts can malfunction. This then causes the remotes to lose frequency, which affects their ability to communicate with the Garage Door motor. As a result, the remote will work sometimes and not others. The distance from which your remote will work may also be affected. Many times, customers change the remotes out, thinking this will solve the problem, but often it is a bad or aging motor that is the problem.

Garage Door Remotes come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes.: single button remotes, two buttons, and three buttons.

Some brands include chamberlain, Liftmaster, genie etc…

The number depends on how many garage doors your home has to open. Garage door Remotes do tend to break or deprecate due to age. Some do not have interchangeable batteries and will need replacement.

The external controls of your garage door system include your wall switch, keypad, remote control, or safety sensors. A problem with any of these can prevent your garage door from functioning properly, or at all.

garage door remote and keypad

Wall Button or Switch

Wall buttons or switches often include a variety of optional features, such as:

  • Motion detection
  • Light button
  • Learn button
  • Temperature gauge

When it comes to the wall button in your garage, there can be many points of failure. If the wall button fails, you will notice no response from the opener or the wall pad. Replacing a wall button is a simple task, though it may not be necessary, as it is often the opener that is failing. If your motor is older than 10 years old, you should inspect the functionality of the motor before checking the wall pad.

As the wiring in the home from the wall pad to the motor ages, it will often experience deterioration. When performing repairs, we go through all items and troubleshoot until we determine the source of the problem and replace the faulty wiring as needed.


Keypads on the outside of the garage door are exposed to the elements: rain, humidity, rust, heat, etc. Some keypads have interchangeable batteries and some do not. Keypads can be replaced unless your garage door system and motor are of significant age. Some keypads are universal and will work with your current motor if it is a newer model.

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Keypads can come in handy when you want to close or open the garage from the outside when going back and forth from the driveway or the backyard to the house. They can also be very convenient when having friends or family stay with you. If you are not home to let a relative or a friend inside, you can simply give them the code and they can close the garage door behind them.

The safety sensors play an integral part in your garage door system. They are designed to stop the door from closing on you, your children, your pets, or your property. They will also stop the door from closing if they are not aligned or working properly. If the safety sensors fail, then the opener will not close due to a perceived obstruction in the area. Safety sensors may fail for many reasons, including: misalignment, wiring issues, shorts in the wires, bad sensors, and more. If you are having issues with your sensors and can’t seem to determine the source of the problem, call us and we will be happy to take care of you!


There are many ways to program Garage door remotes. However, some remotes may not be compatible with your system. If you are having issues, call us and we will help determine if your remote is compatible with your system. When programming a remote, having the right remote is vital. While we may be able to fix the problem with your existing remote, there are instances when this is not possible. If that is the situation, we have many options for remotes and can get you the right one to fit your needs.

Skip the hassle and call us so we can fix the problem with your garage door Remotes and electronics and get you on your way.


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