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365 Garage Door Maintenance (Spring Repair)                                                                                ||



The torsion spring system is under intense pressure and it is not something that should be adjusted without professional help or supervision.

Garage Door Repair like this should only be handled by the Pros Trusty Garage Doors. 

We can inspect, Repair, replace your springs on your residential garage door


How does my Garage Door Spring work?

Your garage door is very heavy, without the springs the door is unmovable or unliftable(unless your have a very light garage door)

The springs are usually old and under immense pressure, you do not want to risk injuring yourself, you will be much better off giving a call to your local garage door service company, Trusty Garage Doors.

Most of our technicians are trained to inspect the size of the door and recommend the one with the highest cycles. this is not a sales pitch but more of a recommendation so your garage door continues to function for the years to come.


Spring maintenance is very important when it comes to garage door repair or garage door service

You will want to do your best to call us for monthly service to lubricate the door to avoid rusty ore broken garage door springs

What can Garage Door Maintenance help me avoid?

Broken springs

Door Off Track

Destroyed Cables

nonfunctional bearings

Buckling garage Door

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